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The Best Chip

By Kate Leake

Alison Green Books

ISBN 978-1-407166-42-1


Chubble, chobble, chomp and chew,

I like chubbling chips - do YOU?

Then lick your lips, chomp some chips and tuck into this rollicking rhyme that's chock-full of every kind of chip imaginable... Just mind you don't drop your best chip on the floor!


"A riotous rhyming celebration of everyone's guilty favourite food, chips glorious chips! Absolutely belting to read aloud, pitch perfect, it's almost as satisfying as...well, a huge bag of chips!" ReadItDaddy

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Who Ate the Cake?

By Kate Leake

Alison Green Books

ISBN 978-1-407164-32-8


Things keep disappearing and everyone's blaming poor Bob. But did Bob REALLY eat:

Mum's knitting,  Dad's daffodils, Gran's tea set AND Freddie's big birthday cake?

Or is there a secret,

pesky pelican on the loose?


A hilarious story

full of madness, mayhem

- and a very unlucky dog!



Don't Chew the Royal Shoe!

By Kate Leake

Alison Green Books

ISBN 978-1-407139-35-7



Royal Dogs are NOT ALLOWED to chew the Royal Shoes. But Chips can't help it.

Shoes are just so CHEWY!


What will he do when the Queen finds out?

She definitely WON'T be amused...


"...full of fun and mischief" Sunday Express


Never Say NO to a Princess!

Tracey Corderoy & Kate Leake

Alison Green Books

ISBN 978-1-407115-61-0



Never say no to a princess - or she'll cry! But what does a princess need to make her happy? Sparkly shoes? Sparkly necklaces? Sparkly toys?


Or maybe just a very unsparkly new friend?


Shortlisted for the

Independent Booksellers Award


Featured on CBeebies Bedtime Stories,

read by Floella Benjamin



The Very Messy Mermaid

Tracey Corderoy & Kate Leake

Alison Green Books

ISBN 978-1-407135-42-7



Twinkletail's mummy and daddy want everything to be very neat and very tidy - even Twinkletail's birthday party. There will be strictly NO noise! NO cake! NO friends!


Poor Twinkletail. All she wants is a nice, normal, messy party. So when her Fairy Godmother rings, it's time to make a secret birthday wish...

FFever_LetsRead FFever_insides

Football Fever!

Alan Durant & Kate Leake

Macmillan Children's Books

ISBN 978-1447235347




William eats, talks and dreams football, and he's driving his sister crazy! When William's dad takes him to a football club for the first time, who knows if William will score? And who'll be next to catch the football bug?


Winner of the Stockport Schools Book Award

(Key Stage 1) 2007


Featured on CBeebies Bedtime Stories,

read by Mark Lawrenson


Lift the Flap Atlas

Alex Frith & Kate Leake

Usborne Publishing Ltd

ISBN 978-0746098479




"An original, innovative and interactive atlas

full of flaps to lift, revealing beautiful buildings,

exotic animals and fabulous sights.

Divided into the separate continents, each double page is crammed with information on sights and cultures to be seen all over the world as well as country borders and capital cities. Includes a giant world map poster." Lovereading4kids


"Want to explore every corner of the world and find out the amazing facts that lie within? Then this is the book for you!" Blue Peter


Shortlisted for The Blue Peter Book Award 2010



Look inside Your Body

Louie Stowell & Kate Leake

Usborne Publishing Ltd

ISBN 978-1409549475



From brains and blood to senses and skin – children will love exploring the ins-and-outs of the human body with this fantastic interactive book. Young readers’ minds will boggle as

they learn about how their brains work, what happens when they eat, how their lungs use oxygen and much more.


“A brilliant book to introduce kids to our amazing bodies. If you have an enquiring mind at home, this should make them happy.”

The Irish Daily Mail

Starring Minnie Piper: Undercover Puzzler;

The Ladybird Code; The Chocolate Cipher

Caroline Juskus & Kate Leake

Stripes Publishing


Get puzzling with the fabaroony Minnie Piper

as she tackles top-secret messages and

some fabulously fishy goings on in

these three code-cracking books


Minnie Piper and The Chocolate Cipher:

Winner of the Fantastic Books Award 2011